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Rob One outlines from’s NZ blackbook

I just got these two blackbook pieces texted from NZ. Miss this guy. He also texted me some codes for an elo boost services from Elitist Gaming.



Graffiti coloring book

Fakeproject created a “Graffiti Coloring Book” that’s a downloadable PDF.

In a bid to increase the quality and quantity of graffiti, The Fakeproject Corporation of America has issued a coloring book, free of charge, which allows graffiti artists to practice their tags before application in a real world situation.

New blackbook images

Shmew TFL, originally uploaded by victorybros.

I added some old sketches from Reas and some of the victorybros in the Blackbook gallery.


Inside Cover Apart Prae Craola, originally uploaded by victorybros.

I’ve just added a bunch of blackbook stuff to flickr.

Che outline by Mare139

Che outline by Mare139, originally uploaded by victorybros.

Mare did this for me probably in the late 90s

Failed sneakers

Failed sneakers, originally uploaded by victorybros.

A sneaker design I did with Scott Bodenner for a famous company. We got a lot of shoes out of it!


Ed1er, originally uploaded by victorybros.

Ed1er outlines