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A two for tuesday.

Slick and director Nimrod Antal in front of Slick art on set of “Armored”, a Sony drama/thriller starring Matt Dillon, Columbus Short and Lawrence Fishburne.

Slick and Danny D combine the world of graff with custom low-rider culture on this paint scheme for Ford’s pre-production prototype of their latest model “Flex”, due to drop summer ‘08.

NYC Secede Now tshirt

NYC Secede Now tshirt, originally uploaded by victorybros.

I made these right after the last presidential election. I should have posted this when Normal Mailer passed away, because he ran his mayoral campaign on the Secession platform. Hopefully I don’t have to print another batch next year.

Textures, a little tiny house

Living in an increasingly prefab world, the question we asked ourselves was: is it possible to detail an entire house as if it were jewellery? And can we achieve this using modern automated fabrication techniques? In order not to fall back onto traditional decorative patterns we devised an archetypal house in four cut-through layers of different textures from graffiti to wall paper, including bricks, tubing, carpets etc… We used the iconography of all these elements to build up a new layered house (scale 1:25) out of two materials: glass and metal, the metal structure being laser-cut. To add some drama we included personally designed elements such as a hart shape door, but also included graffiti found on the internet, such as the beautiful ‘Love and honesty in our struggle’ tag by the Bolevian group Mujeres Creando.

Good luck trying to find this on their site. It’s obvious they don’t design for new media.

Thanks to Atelier A+D for this piece.

Party Flyers

If you think Phase 2′s contribution to the world is restricted to the arrow..think again. This site has a ton of old school hip-hop party flyers.

Arabic Grateful Dead bootleg concert t-shirt

Grateful Dead, originally uploaded by irishbrendandonnelly.

What a great combination of words for a title. They were inspired by Brandon Donnelly’s new line of t-shirts that take concert t-shirts from famous bands and translates the text into Arabic. Good stuff.

First spotted by, more information for getting the shirts is there.

Ecko interactive advertisement

Use your cellphone to draw on billboards in the street. It’s not clear whether this is really working anywhere is or a pipedream. But it could be kind of fun.

Failed sneakers

Failed sneakers, originally uploaded by victorybros.

A sneaker design I did with Scott Bodenner for a famous company. We got a lot of shoes out of it!


I just built the Intergalactico site for Chris Capuozzo’s new psychadelic book Intergalactico.