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Rob1 Freight

Rob1 Freight, originally uploaded by victorybros.

Alex Pardee blows up in LA

Check out the incredible review in the LA Weekly and then enjoy a little video below.

Lawe and Mania

Lawe + Mania Graffiti August ’09 from uhit235 on Vimeo.

OG Krink

OG Krink, originally uploaded by victorybros.

An old bottle of Krink, that was handed out before production started on the real product. On the back is a smudged KR tag.

If you missed it, New York Times Magazine did a dope piece on Krink (!)

Tony Silver, RIP

I hate opening my Inbox in the morning and reading about the passing of a friend. This is one of those posts that won’t do justice to what I’m trying to talk about.

I know that I always looked up to Tony and Henry when Susan and I were working on Art Crimes. They set the standard, along with Martha Cooper, on documenting graffiti. I love all of the videos that have been made over the years, but it was Tony’s skill behind the camera that brought the movement to light and made the work sing. Tony’s skill made graffiti legit. Because of his careful and thoughtful treatment, it Style Wars made you proud to be a writer. It made you want to take yourself seriously because he had peeled back the layers of this craft and the artisans behind it. He also made you feel like you could be a part of the movement and that everyone involved had a role that mattered. He was around and cared about the movement enough to unearth the archive of footage that couldn’t be shown the first time around

Beyond all of that, Tony was a real cool guy. He was a blast to be around. He was around quite a bit when we were working on the Style Wars DVD at Funny Garbage and we had quite a few back and forths when distribution wasn’t happening for the DVD and we were trying to get it to retail on Art Crimes. He was always thoughtful and patient and tried to make sure the right thing happened.

Check out what Mare has to say, because he knew Tony much better than I.

Here’s Style Wars.

Support Ket in Denmark

opening monday d.4 feb. 2008 in copenhagen from 15-21 oclock.
linnesgade 25 kld. v. n.port
tlf: +45 50405491

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Mass Appeal tv

Mascots & Mugs Event – Book Release Party from Carl Weston on Vimeo.

Carl Weston, famed Graffiti producer, posted this video on his blog not long ago. It’s from the Mascot’s and Mugs book release party and has a great little interview with Henry Chalfant. Carl also mentions that he’s working with Mass Appeal on a new video channel and this is the first video for that. Carl and Mass Appeal! We can’t wait to see what comes of it.

More from Slick

A two for tuesday.

Slick and director Nimrod Antal in front of Slick art on set of “Armored”, a Sony drama/thriller starring Matt Dillon, Columbus Short and Lawrence Fishburne.

Slick and Danny D combine the world of graff with custom low-rider culture on this paint scheme for Ford’s pre-production prototype of their latest model “Flex”, due to drop summer ‘08. update

Brother in arms Mare 139 has been busy in the lab. Breaking from his pure sculpture, he’s been painting again. And we’re impressed with the results. Check out his site for more work.

UK news show on NYC Subway Graffiti

Young Mare, Haze, Quik, Erni and Gil.

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