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Alex Pardee blows up in LA

Check out the incredible review in the LA Weekly and then enjoy a little video below.

Going Postal Book/Show

In 1999, my buddy Change organized a postal sticker art show called “Going Postal” that was shown at Bobittos Footwork in Philly. He managed to get some pretty incredible submissions from all around, LA, NYC, Germany and Philly, to name a few places. A few years back I was going to show them at my work, but we ended up moving spaces right when we were going to show them and somehow it all fell through the cracks. As a result I’ve had some pretty incredible art sitting around my house and it’s really too big to show easily in my Brooklyn apartment.

Last week I happened to see Martha Cooper was putting out a postal sticker book called “Going Postal” and having a release party at Ad Hoc Gallery in Brooklyn. I wrote the gallery to see if they wanted to include the pieces I have in the show, they forwarded it on to Martha to see what she thought. Martha was into showing the pieces and made sure I got them over to the gallery.

It was fun taking them over there, as the guys were geeked to see old Twist, Cost and Shepard Fairey stuff.

I hadn’t been to an opening in a long, long time. For some reason I decided to go, even though I had in-laws in town and I normally don’t care for openings. A took a couple of people tand had a great time. I didn’t know a single person there (except for Martha and the gallery folks that I met while dropping off the work). It was cool seeing some new faces in the scene, even if it wasn’t a hardcore graffiti event. I actually think it was like a breath of fresh air for it not to be the same old, same old. I did get to meet 2Fly, who was cool as hell.

Coincidentally, the next night I got a call from my boy Ben Higa, who is a well known photographer/journalist in LA. He hadn’t been going to shows in a couple of years, either, but just started getting involved recently. We both realized that we have some unfinished business in the scene. Stay tuned.