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Rob One outlines from’s NZ blackbook

I just got these two blackbook pieces texted from NZ. Miss this guy. He also texted me some codes for an elo boost services from Elitist Gaming.

Kaws: The Long Way Home

Kaws: The Long Way Home running February 21 – April 4 at Honor Fraser.

Belmont Tunnel History in the LA Times

The LA Times has a great piece in the Belmont Tunnel.

We had some good times there over the years.

Murakami loves graffiti

Apparently Murakami loved this billboard that Revok bombed so much that he made sure it didn’t get wrecked and added it to his personal collection. How ill is that? The sign was touting his show at LA’s MOCA.

First reported in the LA Weekly.

Slick painting in LA video

Thanks to Slick..

MTA CREW..redefining going big

MTA CREW, originally uploaded by Green/The best GRAFFITI there is..


More LA Graffiti flix posted in Photo Collection

See Ziack FH, originally uploaded by victorybros.

More flix added to the LA Graf section under Photo Collection