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Rob One outlines from’s NZ blackbook

I just got these two blackbook pieces texted from NZ. Miss this guy. He also texted me some codes for an elo boost services from Elitist Gaming.





Grime Writer – new tool for cleaning up while tagging

Grime Writer is a special chunky marker pen that can be filled with cleaning solution, and used to create art on a canvas of filth. Use it to tag your dirty vehicles & windows, or to transform dirt into artistic expression.

Nerd Graffiti – Higgs Boson

Throwup of Higgs Boson


Renos , originally uploaded by victorybros.

San Francisco 1996

Cycle, Doze Green

Cycle, Doze Green, originally uploaded by NorthEast x SouthEast.

Rob1 Freight

Rob1 Freight, originally uploaded by victorybros.

Steel Wheels: Felon & Oricl

felon-oricl, originally uploaded by flickrface82.

People still do this.

Super awesome subway footage from 1986

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