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Street Art Auctions

Os Gemeos, \"Boy and Donkey\"

A street art auction at Bonhams, featuring lots of Banksy, a Dalek piece, a Gemeos piece, Faile, Blek Le Rat and lots of others.

Going Postal Book/Show

In 1999, my buddy Change organized a postal sticker art show called “Going Postal” that was shown at Bobittos Footwork in Philly. He managed to get some pretty incredible submissions from all around, LA, NYC, Germany and Philly, to name a few places. A few years back I was going to show them at my work, but we ended up moving spaces right when we were going to show them and somehow it all fell through the cracks. As a result I’ve had some pretty incredible art sitting around my house and it’s really too big to show easily in my Brooklyn apartment.

Last week I happened to see Martha Cooper was putting out a postal sticker book called “Going Postal” and having a release party at Ad Hoc Gallery in Brooklyn. I wrote the gallery to see if they wanted to include the pieces I have in the show, they forwarded it on to Martha to see what she thought. Martha was into showing the pieces and made sure I got them over to the gallery.

It was fun taking them over there, as the guys were geeked to see old Twist, Cost and Shepard Fairey stuff.

I hadn’t been to an opening in a long, long time. For some reason I decided to go, even though I had in-laws in town and I normally don’t care for openings. A took a couple of people tand had a great time. I didn’t know a single person there (except for Martha and the gallery folks that I met while dropping off the work). It was cool seeing some new faces in the scene, even if it wasn’t a hardcore graffiti event. I actually think it was like a breath of fresh air for it not to be the same old, same old. I did get to meet 2Fly, who was cool as hell.

Coincidentally, the next night I got a call from my boy Ben Higa, who is a well known photographer/journalist in LA. He hadn’t been going to shows in a couple of years, either, but just started getting involved recently. We both realized that we have some unfinished business in the scene. Stay tuned.

Anti-Graffiti Bus Ads

Anti-Graffiti bus ads from who knows where

Kaws: The Long Way Home

Kaws: The Long Way Home running February 21 – April 4 at Honor Fraser.

Shepard Fairey interview on Boston Globe

Apparently Boston is angry that Shepard Fairey, a street artist (can’t call him a writer, now can we) would create his art in THEIR streets!

Naugatuck looks to build 75-foot-long graffiti wall

This is incredible! Sponsored by local businesses.

NAUGATUCK — Borough officials and police officers soon will be working to promote graffiti.

Mayor Mike Bronko is teaming up with police officers and local youth to design a graffiti wall that would allow spray paint artists to show their skills without fear of being arrested.

The borough is looking to build an 8-foot-tall, 75-foot-long graffiti wall near the skateboard park at Linden Park in the Union City section. Bronko said the project could cost from $5,000 to $10,000, and local businesses have said they will donate to the project. The borough also would seek funding from the state Office of Policy and Management’s police and youth program to offset the cost.

From the Republican-American.

Businessman sees art, city sees graffiti

This bookstore operator likes the stencil that appeared on his building without permission. The city has an ordinance that states a property owner has to remove graffiti from their building, but the guy above sees the piece as art, not graffiti. He’s going in front of the town’s commission hearing t discuss the issue.

“I don’t need to be asked, I don’t need the nanny city to tell me what to do,” he said.

“This is something I know and something that’s important to me,” said Breed, who holds a degree fine arts degree from Eastern Michigan University and managed an Ann Arbor gallery in the 1970s.

Read the rest of the article in

Graffiti discussions on is the gathering spot for MTA subway nerds. Occassionally something interesting pops up there, including the recent post “Time for the MTA to cash in on the graffiti in the system…“.

Do I sound psycho? Well think again, there’s potential of the MTA making money from the graffiti thats rampant in the system. Graffiti artists can’t copyright or claim ownership over the graffiti in the system sine it was done via trespassing / illegally. So the MTA can claim the graffiti art as its own, and essentially use the designs of the graffiti to develop a clothing line, books etc that use graffiti already in existence, so all the MTA has to do is find a company to work with to produce it like Ecko or Rockawear etc, especially clothing companies that appeal to the urban youth. They can produce books, or find the graffiti artists and have companies pay for graffiti style advertising. I believe there’s a cash cow with the graffiti in existence its just how the MTA can utilize it properly. Or the MTA can pay out areas for graffiti that wont be disturbed in manhattan for art programs the people will have to pay for the space. The potential is out there, and besides what can the artists do to fight against the MTA since they have no legal avenue to chart.

Mainly it’s just people telling this guy he’s an idiot, and no one has brought up the meeting that writers had with the MTA in the 80′s(?) regarding legalizing graf on the trains. I’ve only really heard the story from Daze, but apparently a bunch of the gallery guys (and I think Pink was involved) went to the MTA to try to find a way to paint legally on the trains. The MTA didn’t even consider it, and now we have trains that only have scribes aka scratchiti and etch tags. Oh well, I guess.

There are some people that have some curiosity on the subject, like in this followup: “Re: Earliest instance of graffiti in the system

When did graffiti first become prevalant and noticeable in the system? On’s photos, I see the stations and trainsets are still relatively clean by the late ’60′s.

Which references one of the best sources for old graf flix,

New plan to beat graffiti

Redlands Shire Council is putting together a plan to help with their illegal graffiti problem. Right off the get go they are using the correct language. They don’t have a problem with graffiti, but tey have a problem with illegal graffiti. Of the money they intend to spend every year, $5000 of it will go towards legal venues, including murals and sponsoring events and exhibitions. We’re hoping their plan helps fewer kids go to jail because they want to brighten up their neighborhood with their name.

Thanks to Bayside Bulletin.

City sponsored public wall in Naugatuck

In an effort to curb graffiti, Naugatuck [Connecticut] officials are building a graffiti wall at one of the parks. They’re also asking known graffiti artists to sign a contract saying once this is built, they will stop defacing businesses and borough property.

Thanks to the Republican-American.

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