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‘Tis the season in Santa’s Ghetto

The first images have been published on the Santa’s Ghetto site.

The other side of the wall this time

Graffiti artist Banksy goes to the Holy Land from Reuters UK

Portugal photos

Dzine Schmoo Sace, originally uploaded by victorybros.

In 1999, a lot of writers from all over Europe and the US got invited to go to Portugal to paint, socialize and talk to the locals. My wife (girlfriend at the time) couldn’t go, at the last minute, so I decided it would be a good idea to take Sacer IRAK. He was young and rowdy, and I still don’t know how his Grandma let him go, but whatever. It was a blast. We met Dzine right as soon as we got there, and hit it off and wrecked Lisbon. I’ve started posting some of the photos I took on that trip on Flickr.