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Steel Wheels: Felon & Oricl

felon-oricl, originally uploaded by flickrface82.

People still do this.

Super awesome subway footage from 1986


You know those dudes that are super elusive and every story you hear about them is just kinda crazy? Rammellzee was one of those dudes. I met him once, I think at the big auction that was at the puck building or at Deitch. That was sort of nothing really.

Rammellzee’s oeuvre started to form in my mind when I got ahold of a copy of the Ionic Treatise Gothic Futurism. It was pure poetry. It didn’t make any sense, but it had styyyyyle (said in your best Case2 voice) by the pound. If nothing else you have to admire someone that wrote about style and made an effort to school the uninitiated.

Around that time I saw Rammellzee’s amazing costumes and heard about his performances. I never got a chance to see them, but he was onto something. It was clear that writing was only part of his overall steez and he had lots to share with the world.

After that initial introduction in the early/mid-90s I didn’t really hear about him for awhile. I later heard that around that time that he was living in the same building as some other friends and he wasn’t the most social and had some life issues. They had some crazy stories about him, but nothing quite like the following.

A dude I’ve known for years used to be boys with Rammellzee. He would crash at his place when he was in town. One night they drank a number of 40s and maybe did some other things and my boy passed out on the couch. He woke up in the middle of the night with Rammellzee sitting in a chair in front of the couch with a knife and fork in his hand. He’s like, “You ok, Rammell?” Rammell said something about how he was going to eat my friend.

I have no idea of the authenticity of that story, or if I have the facts exactly straight, but what graffiti related story isn’t like that?

Respect to the one and only RAM:ELL:ZEE

NY Times obituarary for Rammellzee
RIP from Impose with some great photos

“Mini Graff” The Movie

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Adelaide Train Hijacked and Bombed (with graffiti)

Writers tampered with signals and got the train to stop. They then brought out ladders and covered the train in pieces. Too bad they didn’t include photos in the article. They covered the incident up for a week, but it finally got out.

Thanks to for the article on graffiti.

Graffiti discussions on is the gathering spot for MTA subway nerds. Occassionally something interesting pops up there, including the recent post “Time for the MTA to cash in on the graffiti in the system…“.

Do I sound psycho? Well think again, there’s potential of the MTA making money from the graffiti thats rampant in the system. Graffiti artists can’t copyright or claim ownership over the graffiti in the system sine it was done via trespassing / illegally. So the MTA can claim the graffiti art as its own, and essentially use the designs of the graffiti to develop a clothing line, books etc that use graffiti already in existence, so all the MTA has to do is find a company to work with to produce it like Ecko or Rockawear etc, especially clothing companies that appeal to the urban youth. They can produce books, or find the graffiti artists and have companies pay for graffiti style advertising. I believe there’s a cash cow with the graffiti in existence its just how the MTA can utilize it properly. Or the MTA can pay out areas for graffiti that wont be disturbed in manhattan for art programs the people will have to pay for the space. The potential is out there, and besides what can the artists do to fight against the MTA since they have no legal avenue to chart.

Mainly it’s just people telling this guy he’s an idiot, and no one has brought up the meeting that writers had with the MTA in the 80′s(?) regarding legalizing graf on the trains. I’ve only really heard the story from Daze, but apparently a bunch of the gallery guys (and I think Pink was involved) went to the MTA to try to find a way to paint legally on the trains. The MTA didn’t even consider it, and now we have trains that only have scribes aka scratchiti and etch tags. Oh well, I guess.

There are some people that have some curiosity on the subject, like in this followup: “Re: Earliest instance of graffiti in the system

When did graffiti first become prevalant and noticeable in the system? On’s photos, I see the stations and trainsets are still relatively clean by the late ’60′s.

Which references one of the best sources for old graf flix,

UK news show on NYC Subway Graffiti

Young Mare, Haze, Quik, Erni and Gil.

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Vintage throwups

In one post, Chino kills everyone else’s blog.

NYC Insides 1986

NYC Insides 1986, originally uploaded by victorybros.

I took a school trip to the big city in 1986. Instead of taking flix of the outsides, I took a few insides flix! Beautiful.