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Life photos on Google Images

Reichstag after looting by Russian soldiers

The man

Isaac Hayes at Wattstax

Great Freight Blog

I just found this blog, RailCar Graffiti ( He takes pictures in North Platte, the largest railyard in the world. Here are a couple of samples.

He also had this cool freight video linked up:

Casino carpet

Peppermill carpet, originally uploaded by victorybros.

I spend more than my fair share of time in Casinos. (I love poker). And have taken a few flix of casino carpet, in my time (see above). But these guys have taken the time to create an amazing gallery of casino carpet from all around.

Banksy caught on film?

What’s more interesting about the article on Banksy being caught in the act, is that he’s working in daytime. Also, wouldn’t you have waited to put the iconic stencil up last, so as not to reveal who you are?

Mexicali Bombing

, originally uploaded by estoks.

Ill Mexicali photos here.

More LA Graffiti flix posted in Photo Collection

See Ziack FH, originally uploaded by victorybros.

More flix added to the LA Graf section under Photo Collection

Lots of grimey trucks on flickr!

Stak, originally uploaded by victorybros.

I’ve uploaded a ton of truck photos, in conjunction with creating that truck video on youtube.

PIXAÇAO images on flickr

PIXAÇAO_02, originally uploaded by _CHOQUEPHOTOS_.

You have to respect the Pixacao in Brazil. Thanks to KR for pointing these photos out.

Photographer Extraordinaire

Vic Blue takes some of the most striking photos I’ve ever seen. These prison photos remind me of the little 10 year old boy that I met at UCLA’s Summer Camp. His uncle had given him huge tattoos on his forearms. When he raised his fists he had a massive 1 on his right arm and a matching 8 on the other. They were filled in solid old english script.

Fecal Face ran an interview with Vic Blue. I’m sure the images will shock you.

Vic Blue’s site.

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