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Rob1 Freight

Rob1 Freight, originally uploaded by victorybros.

Political Freights

Just Seeds posted some really hot “political” freight graffiti. I use the quotes, because they aren’t really all that deep. It’s interesting that they admire these, but then have a ranting post about Shepard Fairey‘s lack of dialogue in his work. They seem to come out on the same side as me, enjoy the work for what it is (not much politically).

Great Freight Blog

I just found this blog, RailCar Graffiti ( He takes pictures in North Platte, the largest railyard in the world. Here are a couple of samples.

He also had this cool freight video linked up:

More freights on Flickr

Katch, originally uploaded by victorybros.

I’ve posted more freight flix on Flickr.

Dzine @ Brooklyn Museum

Dzine @ Brooklyn Museum, originally uploaded by victorybros.

Dzine’s contribution to the Brooklyn Museum’s Infinite Island: Contemporary Caribbean Art show.

The video is about Benjamin Melendez, who formed the Ghetto Brothers and brokered a massive gang truce, South Bronx Puerto Rican gang in the early 70′s. He also formed a band by the same name that played some dope beats.

Mike Dream TDK RIP

Dream RIP, originally uploaded by victorybros.

I’ve started posting freight flix on flickr that I’ve had around for ages. They’ll be archived on a page here, also.