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Anti-Graffiti Bus Ads

Anti-Graffiti bus ads from who knows where

Super Broker

Come and spray my wall, councillor tells graffiti taggers

This guy gets it. He’s getting free advertising and making friends with the same guys that would have been tagging his shop. Now the responsibility is also on the writers to tell their friends that this guy’s ok and to help clean up any tags in the area. When business owners work with writers, writers need to make sure things stay under control.

From the Swindon Advertiser

“A COUNCILLOR in Wootton Bassett has let graffiti taggers spray a wall in his craft shop.

John Allen said the two taggers who normally leave their mark illegally in the town need a dedicated wall.

The 16 and 17 year olds use the tags Nectar and Lare when they paint.

Conservative councillor Mr Allen said he couldn’t name them to protect their identity.

“I went to a youth meeting in Wootton Bassett recently where young people said they needed a legal graffiti wall,” said the 57-year-old.

“I offered them a wall in my shop and they were so surprised.”

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Bronx mailboxes defaced with institutional blue and green

R2D2 mailbox, originally uploaded by victorybros.

Here’s an example where advertising is more visually appealing than a lack of advertising on a surface.

Compare the R2D2 mailboxes to all blue and green mailboxes that a Bronx neighborhood is painting. Wouldn’t it have been smarter to let artists or school kids adopt the mailboxes and make them a public canvas? The artwork could be restricted to one side, so that the boxes themselves are still recognizable to people that want to post letters.

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Graffiti and Advertising

Advertising monsters, AAP! Global talk about how graffiti influences their work and how they share the same vision as writers.


Warriors, originally uploaded by Tomas.

Now this is what I call graffiti

Ecko interactive advertisement

Use your cellphone to draw on billboards in the street. It’s not clear whether this is really working anywhere is or a pipedream. But it could be kind of fun.