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RIP Grandmaster Roc Raida

EMBED-DJ Battle ISP vs XMen

I remember seeing this battle back in the day. My boy Sleep and I had made the long trek out to NYC for Rock Steady Anniversary. I bought a breaks mixtape from the man himself. This was the day that he got the Grandmaster title, if I remember correctly.

Stop. Pose for the Frame.

I just kinda love this nonsense.

Lil Jon: A-Town

The company I work for does some pretty cool stuff. The latest big thing was an animation we did in collaboration with Lil Jon. Our boy Chris Capuozzo was the creative director on it.

A’Town: An Al Sharpton Hip Hop Moment

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Topr w/ GFE
Mercury Lounge, 9pm

You wouldn’t think that I’d be excited to see someone that my then girlfriend (now wife!) had to tell they had to take a shower before the could crash on our couch again. But I am. Topr is coming to NYC for a show. Although I’m pretty sure we can avoid central booking this time, one never knows what will happen when he’s in town. That’s another chapter in my un-written book.

Now that’s a boat!

Dzine (who was pictured below) made a boat for the Venice Biennial this year. This is one heckuva boat!

The boat has a total of 9 TV screens. 22 speakers with lights. 8 amps. A Chevy chrome engine with Neon Lighting. Original 1963 Chrome trim and side mirrors from a Chevy Impala. Custom bucket seats, Ostrich leather interior with religous fabric. State of the art Pioneer CD/DJ equipement with Alpine touch screen videos. A laser light show and a smoke machine. Every three inches of the boat (even the steering wheel and turn key to start the boat) is completely new and custom.”