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Robert Bruno’s house.






Ta Meteora Monastiria.

Both found via this article on Web Urbanist.

Dzine @ Brooklyn Museum

Dzine @ Brooklyn Museum, originally uploaded by victorybros.

Dzine’s contribution to the Brooklyn Museum’s Infinite Island: Contemporary Caribbean Art show.

The video is about Benjamin Melendez, who formed the Ghetto Brothers and brokered a massive gang truce, South Bronx Puerto Rican gang in the early 70′s. He also formed a band by the same name that played some dope beats.

Now that’s a boat!

Dzine (who was pictured below) made a boat for the Venice Biennial this year. This is one heckuva boat!

The boat has a total of 9 TV screens. 22 speakers with lights. 8 amps. A Chevy chrome engine with Neon Lighting. Original 1963 Chrome trim and side mirrors from a Chevy Impala. Custom bucket seats, Ostrich leather interior with religous fabric. State of the art Pioneer CD/DJ equipement with Alpine touch screen videos. A laser light show and a smoke machine. Every three inches of the boat (even the steering wheel and turn key to start the boat) is completely new and custom.”

Richard Serra at MOMA

Richard Serra at MOMA, originally uploaded by victorybros.

With a few very notable exceptions, I am not a fan of modern sculpture. But the Richard Serra stuff show at MOMA is super dope. It’s some of the only architectural sculpture that transforms spaces in a positive, interesting way. It’s so simple and elegant that it’s not distracting, even if it’s as big as a ship.

Also, being a writer, the rusting of the metal is fascinating.