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Blu comes thru again

MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.

Back from vacation

Just got back from the Yucatan…and my co-workers kept up with the latest politics while I was away. Enjoy this video from Lil Jon. WARNING: NSFW  

Lil Jon: A-Town

The company I work for does some pretty cool stuff. The latest big thing was an animation we did in collaboration with Lil Jon. Our boy Chris Capuozzo was the creative director on it.

A’Town: An Al Sharpton Hip Hop Moment

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Lego train bombing

Thanks to Wooster Collective.

Super hero graffiti guy

Blokhedz is a really cool cartoon and comic book that doesn’t have your everyday mutant hero, but a street dweller that gets his power from graf on the walls. He shoots arrows at his enemies. It’s pretty cool and the graf in the background looks good.

Thanks to Graffiti Archaeology for the video.

Y’all So Stupid

A little late to the game is better than never. We just ran into Devon Flynn and he reminded us of his animation on Super Deluxe, Y’all So Stupid. Psychadelic, for sure.